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Products & Services

Top-quality products are only surpassed by top-quality service.
One Story Docks

One, two, or 3 bays available. With or without a swim platform. We offer a multitude of configurations for literally ANY type of lot or budget.

Two Story Docks

Our two-story docks turn your dock into a spacious and functional party spot! Available in one, two, or three bay configurations with a multitude of popular customizations and features.

Lifts & Other Accessories

We have lifts to fit any size boat or personal water craft. Other accessories available as well.

15 Year Warranty

There are good reasons we are willing to offer our customers a 15 year warranty on their new boat dock frames. We’ve been building quality docks since 1996 and we’ll be there should you ever need service.

We heard you. New for 2019 - The WAKE BUSTER™ Dock

About Us

We offer a 15 year warranty on new dock frames.
Your Dock on Your Lot Built Your Way

Every customer, much like every lot, is unique. Personal preferences, lot characteristics, permitting challenges, and budget constraints presents for us an opportunity to create a uniquely engineered product for our quality-conscious lake customers. You may already have an idea of what you want based upon the recommendation of Alabama Power. You may not. And that’s okay. Our seasoned consultant will guide you through all of your options based upon your unique criteria. We pride ourselves on our quality and ingenuity and it becomes relevant in the products we produce. Join our family of hundreds of satisfied customers who buy from us again and again and refer their friends. We are Free State Boat Docks and we want to build YOUR boat house!

  • Smith Lake's Top Builder

    Thanks to all our customers for making us Smith Lake’s #1 boat dock producer! If you are a new customer looking to make your boat dock dream a reality, contact us. We are the only manufacturer that uses truss construction. Let us build and install a customized, galvanized, all-steel boat dock to your specifications. We have a large variety of docks, both new and used.

  • We Want You to See!

    The best way to fully understand the quality and durability of a Free State dock is to come and see them being built. We invite you to visit our facility in Double Springs and witness the manufacturing process for yourself.

  • 15 Years of Coverage

    We offer a full 15 year warranty on all new dock frames. Click "About Us" above for more.